Voted one of The Best Bakeries in Melbourne

Culture Trip have worked on shortlisting the best bakeries in Melbourne down to a list of their top 5. We are honoured to have made the list!

From crisp baguettes to ciabatta and the humble loaf, bread is a staple in any kitchen cupboard. But how can you tell the crummy bakeries from the best boulangeries? Culture Trip has eaten their way through Melbourne to bring you a list of the bakeries you absolutely knead to visit.

The display case is crammed with petite sweets, croissants and brightly coloured macarons. Baguettes are proudly displayed standing behind the counter alongside brioche, multigrain, rye and wholemeal loaves. With shops in Bentleigh and Port Melbourne, there’s double the opportunity to treat yourself.

A toast bar is opening in Melbourne

Timeout Melbourne mentioned a new toast bar Kings and Knaves, that will be opening.

Now, about that toast. Sure, serving toast might seem a little pedestrian (even the most incompetent cook can whip up some vegemite soldiers) but Kings and Knaves have a hook: they’re serving specialty toast on fresh Noisette Bakery bread.

You can always rely on Melbourne to find the next 'thing' when it comes to food!

David Menard in Provincial Living

According to the old Romany proverb “L’homme n’a pas seulement besoin de pain, il a aussi besoin de respect” (Not only does man need bread, he also needs respect). At his Port Melbourne boulangerie, Noisette, David Ménard offers the city’s best sourdough breads and baguettes and lives by this old saying in his relationships with others.

Chocolate Profiterole Tart Recipe on Smudge Eats

As part of a special on chocolate, Smudge Eats managed to get a great recipe out of our kitchen!


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Noisette Petit Gateau

Noisette brings its baked goodness to Bentleigh

South-east locals rejoice! Port Melbourne’s much-loved French-style patisserie has opened shop on our own Centre Road shopping strip.

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Noisette Bentleigh Front Counter

A Bakery Making Noise in Bentleigh

Whether it is an almond croissant, danish, apple crumble or escargot, it is clear that this bakery will stake out its claim for tasty treats in Bentleigh. And, not just in sweets but in bread also. Rye, sourdough, spelt, wholemeal and more is all on offer here. Further, alongside the chance to takeaway, the bakery is a fully-fledged cafe so grabbing a seat in the urban interior to enjoy your treat and the well-designed surrounds is encouraged.

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Noisette Bentleigh on The Urban List

Finally, one of Melbourne best bakeries, French patisserie Noisette, has made its way over to Bentleigh! Your decision-making skills will be challenged in this spacious area, from lunch or nibbles to pastries or cakes, we have no doubt you’ll be walking away with more food than you need. Accept it, embrace it.

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Christmas Log Cakes

Epicure - Cake of the Week - Christmas Log Cakes

Fred's Cake of the Week

Indulgent Christmas Log Cakes

Buche Megeve - French meringue with chocolate chips, old style chocolate mousse coated in dark velvet spray

Available until 24 December 2014

Christmas Log Cakes

Around the World in 11 Doughnuts


Celebrate French joie de vivre with a beignet, a doughnut with French origins but made popular in New Orleans. The beignet is softer with a brioche feel. They’re best served hot and filled with sugary goodness. Port Melbourne’s Noisette offers three types of beignets – strawberry jam, vanilla custard (the vanilla bean is from Madagascar) and salty caramel. All are made with butter from Brittany, making them extra calorific… and delicious! -

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